Achieving more together

Karte mit Einsatzgebieten Allianz COMUNDO

The organisation COMUNDO is made up of Bethlehem Mission Immensee in the German-speaking part, E-CHANGER in the French-speaking part and Inter-Agire in the Italian-speaking part. All three operate in the field of personnel development cooperation and possess many years of experience with commitments in the South and with education, awareness-raising and information work in the North.

Since January 2013, The three have been working together as a joint organisation called COMUNDO. Around 120 specialised volunteers are currently involved in development work projects in 11 countries on behalf of COMUNDO. They engage in voluntary service in a variety of areas such as health, social, environmental and pastoral work.
Kenia, Nairobi: Röbi Koller Reise nach Kenia. Besuch des Einsatzes von Estermann Sandra, BMI-Fachperson und des Euphrasia Women Center.  Hier können sich junge Frauen, welche keine Arbeitstelle gefunden haben, ausbilden unter anderem als Schneiderin. Das Euphrasia Women Center wird von der BMI-Partnerorganisation Development Kenya Action (DKA), betreut, bei welcher Sandra Estermann arbeitet.